Fallout 76 – Live Fire Exercise

Live Fire Exercise Walkthrough

Once you complete each of the training courses, the Master Sergeant will feel you are ready for the Live Fire Exercise. Walk up the hill in the south-west end of the camp to interact with the live Fire exercise terminal. Unlike the other trials, this test has you fighting waves of Protectrons, Mr. Gutsys, and eyebots painted as communists.

First Wave:

  • 2 Protectrons
  • 1 Eyebot

Second Wave:

  • 4 Protectrons
  • 2 Eyebots

Final Wave:


The final wave can be quite a challenge alone, so if you aren’t completing this mission with friends make sure you bring plenty of ammo. Once you defeat the final wave report back to the Master Sergeant everything you learned from your training.

Welcome to the military soldier. Back to Basic is now complete and you have earned you Soldier Certificate.

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