Fallout 76 – Find Signal Repeater Schematic Quest

Find Signal Repeater Schematic is a first part of Fallout 76 Signal Strength Main story mission.

Signal Strength Quest Rewards

  • Stimpak
  • (3) RadAway
  • (4) Purified Water
  • (54) .45 Round
  • Plan: Cushion Raider Armor Legs
  • Death Tambo

Find Signal Repeater Schematic Walkthrough

In order to gain Rose’s trust you need to help her expand her radio broadcast’s range. To do this you need to craft a Signal Repeater and install it in the radio array. Begin by heading toward the Seneca Rocks Visitor Center located northeast of Top of the World.

When you arrive head to the buildings backside and do battle with the small army of Scorched located there. Head up to the second floor where you will find the body of Major Darion Jones. Loot him to obtain the Signal Repeater Schematic. There is also a chance that a Diseased Honey Beast will spawn near the Red Rocket next to the visitor center. Kill it for some extra loot before you leave.

Continue quest: Find the Signal Repeater Materials

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