Fallout 76 – Find Signal Repeater Materials Quest

Find Signal Repeater Materials is a part of Fallout 76 Signal Strength Main story mission.

Signal Strength Quest Rewards

  • Stimpak
  • (3) RadAway
  • (4) Purified Water
  • (54) .45 Round
  • Plan: Cushion Raider Armor Legs
  • Death Tambo

Find Signal Repeater Materials Walkthrough

To craft the Signal Repeater you will need two special materials detailed in the schematic: one RCX01-A39 Duplexer and one SMU-97 Transponder.

To get the Transponder, head southeast of Greg’s Mine Supply towards Horizon’s Rest, the airplane wreckage you see on the world map. When you arrive you will find a tower guarded by Super Mutants. Battle your way to the top of the cliff, where you will find the wreckage of the plane’s nose. Head inside then up to the cockpit where you can find the Transponder in a panel on the wall.

To get the Duplexer, follow the train tracks south of Top of the World to reach a train crash location called 98 NAR Regional. You will likely pass a miner camp and a bandit camp along the way, and its up to you if you simply want to run past or stop and grab some loot.

Upon reaching the train crash site follow the quest marker toward an overturned red train car with some machinery. You will likely run into a few Mr. Gutsys around the wreck site, so take them out before looting the trains. Find the quest marked circuitry panel and loot the Duplexer.

With both pieces in your inventory head to any Tinker’s Bench where you can craft the Signal Repeater and open up the next objective.

Continue quest: Installing Signal Repeater

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