Fallout 76 – Installing Signal Repeater Quest

Installing Signal Repeater quest is a part of Fallout 76 Signal Strength Main story mission.

Signal Strength Quest Rewards

  • Stimpak
  • (3) RadAway
  • (4) Purified Water
  • (54) .45 Round
  • Plan: Cushion Raider Armor Legs
  • Death Tambo

Installing Signal Repeater Walkthrough

With the Signal Repeater in hand, its finally time to install it and complete the quest. From Top of the World, run southeast toward the quest marker to reach National Isolated Radio Array. This area is swarming with Super Mutants when you first arrive, including a chance for a Legendary Super Mutant to spawn. These Super Mutants like to use explosives, and there are plenty of destructible vehicles around making things even more dangerous.

Once the area is clear head slightly northeast of the location marker toward the small radio tower marked with the quest icon. Use the panel at the base of the tower to install the Signal Repeater, and be ready to do battle with a small group of Protectrons that spawn when you do. They are much less threatening, so clear them out then follow the quest marker again towards the small maintenance building near the tower.

Head into the maintenance building and use the quest marked Array Control Terminal. Once inside the terminal, select “Auxiliary Component Control” then “Divert Power to Auxiliary Component”. This will get the Signal Repeater working and strengthen Rose’s radio range. She will speak to you over the airwaves and tell you to come visit her at Top of the World.

Continue quest: Speak to Rose

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