Fallout 76 – All Mutations How To Get?

All Mutations

To get mutation you will need to jump into a river or enter a high radiation zone. your radiation will gradually go up and soon you will gain a Mutation.

This will give you a random mutation and will stay until you remove the radiation from your body.

If you do not like a radiation you will need to remove it and get mutated again. you can stack up two mutations but remember it means you will have a deadly high level of radiation poisoning.

How To Get Mutation And Not Die From Radiation

While in the mutation stage you always risk dying to the radiation level. but if you want to get Mutation and not die from the deadly radiation then you will need to get Serums.

You can consume serum which will grant you a specific type of mutation without any radiation. you can remove them by using the radiation removal steps.

The only problem is that these serums are very expensive. each one of these serums will cost you five thousand caps and you can get them from the Whitespring base.

List Of All Mutations

Adrenal Reaction

  • Positive Effect: Higher damage and lower Hp
  • Negative Effect: -50 Hp


Bird Bones

  • Positive Effect: gain +4 Agility less fall damage
  • Negative Effect: loss -4 Strength



  • Positive Effect: x2 Benefit from meat
  • Negative Effect: no benefit from vegetables


  • Positive Effect: gain invisibility when you don’t have a weapon or armor and are not moving.
  • Negative Effect: none


 Eagle eyes

  • Positive Effect: gain +4 perception, +25% critical damage
  • Negative Effect: -4 Strength



  • Positive Effect: gain +6 intelligence
  • Negative Effect: loss -3 Endurance, -3 Strength


Electrically Charged

  • Positive Effect: a chance to shock enemies with melee attacks
  • Negative Effect: none



  • Positive Effect: your team would take -25% damage
  • Negative Effect: you will take +25% damage



  • Positive Effect: gain + 100 energy resistance
  • Negative Effect: loss -20% energy damage

 Healing Factor

  • Positive Effect: gain +300% health regeneration
  • Negative Effect: loss -55% chem effects


  • Positive Effect: gain x2 benefits from vegetable
  • Negative Effect: cannot eat meat

 Herd Mentality

  • Positive Effect: gain +2 to all attributes when in the squad.
  • Negative Effect: loss -2 to all attributes when alone.


  • Positive Effect: gain +20 carry weight, increased jumping height
  • Negative Effect: loss -4 intelligence

 Plague Walker

  • Positive Effect: releases a poison aura which increase with your diseases.
  • Negative Effect: none

Scaly Skin

  • Positive Effect: gain +50 damage and energy resistance.
  • Negative Effect: loss -50 Action points

Speed Demon

  • Positive Effect: gain +20 movement speed and faster reload
  • Negative Effect: increases thirst and hunger speed.


  • Positive Effect: gain +25% damage when you attack while being unarmed, +25% bleed chance.
  • Negative Effect: loss -50% gun accuracy.

 Twisted Muscles

  • Positive Effect: gain +25% melee and limb damage
  • Negative Effect: loss -50% weapon accuracy


 Unstable Isotope

  • Positive Effect: gives chance to radiate enemies who attack with melee
  • Negative Effect: none

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