Fallout 76 – Stuck at Steal from Super Mutant Camp

Stuck at “Steal from Super Mutant Camp” Quest


I started out trying to solve this one on my own but after going to lots of super mutant locations and looting everything I had not fulfilled the quest or received a quest marker. So I googled it, and went to the place where other people are saying the quest marker should be. There’s nothing in any of the boxes there that counts as a weapon for the quest though! The missile launcher that counts for most people hasn’t been there and I’ve tried exiting and going back to that spot to clear it out on a different server 5 times now. If anyone knows how to proceed on this quest which BLOCKS the main questline for me let me know.


Sign out and then back in. Had the same issue and that fixed it for me, marker showed up as soon as I signed back in.

Steal from Super Mutant Camp Walkthrough

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