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Fallout 76: Steal From Super Mutant Camp Quest

I explained where to find the Super Mutant Camp in the Fallout 76 Flavors of Mayhem mission and what you need to do to complete the quest.

Steal From a Super Mutant Camp Quest is a part of Fallout 76 Flavors of Mayhem.

Steal From a Super Mutant Camp Walkthrough

Super Mutant Camp

Next on Rose’s grocery list is some high powered gear that she wants to see you steal from a Super Mutant camp. You can find that gear at Crevasse Dam, a Super Mutant infested camp located in The Mire, far to the east of ATLAS Observatory. Make sure you bring along the Firenbreather’s Helmet, or some other form of protective headgear because there is poor air quality in The Mire.

Location of the Super Mutant Camp

Once you reach the Crevasse Dam carefully clear out the Super Mutants waiting there. There is a chance for a dangerous Legendary Super Mutant to spawn as well, so make sure you are carrying some Stimpaks or other healing items. If you are having trouble defeating them you can always bait them into the parking lot then throw grenades at them. You can deal extra damage by blowing up any vehicles they are standing by.

Feral Ghoul

Once all the Super Mutants are defeated, grab whatever loot you want from the dam and head up to the roof. There you will find a throne with a dead body. On the body you will find a set of truck keys that can be used to unlock a large truck sitting behind the dam. Inside the truck you will find a Missile Launcher as well as a set of Power Armor. Looting these items will satisfy Rose’s latest objective, allowing you to begin the final part of the quest.

Flavors of Mayhem Quest

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