Fallout 76 – Kill Feral Ghoul Quest

Quest Rewards

  1. (9) Syringer Ammo
  2. (5) Explosive Bait
  3. Sack Hood with Straps
  4. Stimpak
  5. RadAway
  6. Black Diamond

Kill a Feral Ghoul Walkthrough

Kill a Feral Ghoul

Rose’s final task is pretty simple: kill one Feral Ghoul. You will see an area marked on your quest where you can find a Feral Ghoul, but any Ghoul will do. Kill one and Rose will consider your objective complete, but she will also challenge you to eat the Ghoul as well. If you have the Cannibal Perk Card you can equip it and eat the Ghoul for some extra experience. Either way, head back and talk to Rose at Top of the World to complete the quest and get the next one, Keys to the Past.

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