Red Dead Online – If The Hat Fits Walkthrough [Online]

This page contains a walkthrough for Red Dead Online Story Mission, If The Hat Fits. Blackwater […]

This page contains a walkthrough for Red Dead Online Story Mission, If The Hat Fits.

Blackwater Police Chief

Mission Steps:

1. Open your map and head out to the location of the Blackwater Police Chief in Pike’s Basin
2. Once you approach the Police Chief, match-making will being
3. When all players have readied, a cutscene will start
4. Mount and ride your horse once you’re done with the cutscene
5. Follow your mini-map to the location of the canyon

Blackwater Police Chief Walkthrough Detailed

After handling the situation with Crawfish and Arnsdale, ride to Hennigan’s Stead, northwest of MacFarlane’s Ranch, and meet with the Blackwater Police Chief. Once there, you’ll be able to help him track an outlaw.

  • The mission is for 2-4 players, and you can initiate matchmaking by approaching the chief, who is sitting by a fire underneath a large tree.

Quest Rating Parameters

  • Complete mission in under 9 minutes
  • Kill enemies with headshots
  • Stealth kill enemies
  • Avoid taking damage

Clear Out The Canyon

Mission Steps:

1. After arriving at the canyon, clear out the enemies you find
2. Keep eliminating your enemies until you get to the bottom of the canyon
3. Locate the outlaw and hogtie him
4. Pick the outlaw up and stow him on your horse
5. A cutscene will initiate to trigger your escape

Clear Out The Canyon Walkthrough Detailed

After agreeing to retrieve the outlaw, head southwest along the highlighted path into the canyon. You’ll soon be able to see the bandit camp, so ready your rifle and open fire.

Be sure to take cover, and remain as hidden as possible on the ridge overlooking the camp to avoid taking damage. Repeaters and Rifles are ideal weapons to take out the entire camp from a distance with minimal risk.

Once you’ve dispatched the bandits, head down into the camp. Lasso and hogtie the outlaw, placing him on the back of your horse.

Escape the Canyon

Mission Steps:

1. Once you regain control, mount your horse and ride out to escape the canyon
2. When you reach the path out of the canyon, dynamite will explode and you’ll have to continue on foot
3. Shoot down all enemies that block your path – watch out for dynamite explosions
4. Once you reach the end of the path, drop the outlaw onto the ground

A cutscene will trigger and you will be faced with a choice

  • Choice 1: Refuse Outlaw’s Offer (+Honor)
  • Choice 2: Take Outlaw’s Offer (-Honor)

Escape the Canyon Walkthrough Detailed

Soon after capturing your target, more enemies will begin pouring into the canyon. Take cover to avoid being gunned down and clear out the enemies before proceeding.

Now, follow the highlighted path down the canyon, making sure to bring the outlaw with you. You’ll be attacked by several waves of enemies from both the ground level and ridges along the canyon walls, so move from cover to cover as best you can.

There are red explosive crates littered throughout the area, so be sure to shoot them when enemies are nearby to make things significantly easier for your posse.

After you fight your way along the canyon, the outlaw will make a proposal; put his hat on a dead body and allow him to go free, and he’ll make it worth your while.

At this point you and your posse can honor your agreement with the chief, bringing the outlaw back to him to gain a reward and a boost to your Honor. On the other hand, you can set the outlaw free, and everyone will gain a reward, but lose Honor. Vote with your posse to determine the outcome.

Refuse Outlaw’s Offer

If your posse votes to refuse his offer, load the outlaw onto the back of a horse and take him along the highlighted path to the police chief to collect your reward, and a boost to Honor.

Take Outlaw’s Offer

If your posse agrees to take the conman up on his offer you will need to swap his hat with that of a dead body nearby. Once you’ve made the trade, put the corpse on your horse. Follow the outlaw a short while, and he’ll give you the money, then follow the highlighted path back to the police chief to finish the mission.

If The Hat Fits Online Mission is completed.

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