Red Dead Online – Rescue Allison from Twin Rocks [Online]

Heading to Twin Rocks

The cinematic at the start of the mission will introduce you to Terrence. He wants you to go and retrieve his wife from some bandits at Twin Rocks. Luckily, the game will fast travel you close to there, saving some time.

Follow the highlighted path till you reach Twin Rocks.

This fight can be difficult due to the lack of cover. However, if you and your posse stay near the giant rock structure shown above you can get some protection. However, take note of the enemy on the rock. When you have the opportunity, kill him as he can become a nuisance if left alive.

As you kill enemies push further into the hideout. Once all the enemies are dead, head to the center building to find Mrs O’Dowd.

Rescue Allison from Twin Rocks Online Walkthrough

You guys will get a rescue mission, i.e. save one O’Dowd’s wife (Allison) from a gang who apparently took her at Twin Rocks.

It’s only nearby. Just ride with your online pals there.

As you reach, there’ll be plenty of outlaws to kill. Get rid of all of them.

If your teammate goes down, revive him. There are only 2 team lives for this mission.

Once your team has gotten rid of the outlaws, get to the yellow spot in the radar to find Allison. As you enter the door, a cutscene loads.

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