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Fallout 76 – Big Bend Tunnel Guide

As you explore Appalachia in Fallout 76, you’ll often acquire “Miscellaneous Quests,” as you approach different […]

As you explore Appalachia in Fallout 76, you’ll often acquire “Miscellaneous Quests,” as you approach different sites of interest. Many of these quests lead you to larger side quests, while others are more akin to notifications suggesting nearby places of interest to explore. The Fallout 76 Big Bend Tunnel quest is a miscellaneous quest and doesn’t lead into a larger side quest. However, it’s quite a bit larger and more complex than any other miscellaneous quest.

Fallout 76 Big Bend Tunnel How to Complete

You can gain the “Search Big Bend Tunnel for Survivors” miscellaneous quest if you approach the Big Bend Tunnel East or Big Bend Tunnel West sites. The eastern end of the tunnel can be found in the southern part of the Cranberry Bog. Meanwhile, the western end can be found in the Ash Heap, east of Lewisburg. For the purpose of this guide, it is assumed that you are approaching from the eastern side.

When you approach the entrance to the Big Bend Tunnel, make sure to recover notes from the corpse of Sergeant Holstein. (Note that if you approach from the west, there will be notes on one Sergeant Allemane.) Once you have the notes, head into the tunnel. Make your way through the main route until you reach a large open corridor in the middle of the tunnel. Here you can turn to the south. To get through the locked doors, you’ll need to recover the Big Bend Tunnel Door Key. This can be found in the inventory of a corpse which is on a chair atop a yellow digging machine.

From there, take the left-hand tunnel, where you’ll find the body of Sergeant Cominsky and more notes. To complete the quest, simply exit the other end of the tunnel and find the other sergeant to recover their notes too. (Allemane at the western end, Holstein at the eastern).

Question and Answers for this Quest

Big Bend Tunnel Mission Bugged?

I have to look for survivors in The Big Bend Tunnel. I have found one dead firebreather, but I still have the same objective. I have gone up and down the tunnel so many times, but I still cant find any are I havent been to yet. Anyone able to help?


A1: Have to go out the other side.

A2: I found the bodies outside the west end, I found the bodies inside the tunnel, I found the bodies on the east end… and the game told me to look for bodies inside the tunnel… I spent 2 hours looking, with no luck…

Solution: Same. But now thanks to you guys I have finally found it. The objective is formulated very poorly.

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