Fallout 76 – Collect a Type T Fuse Quest

Collect a Type T Fuse Quest quest is a part of Fallout 76 Ounce of Prevention Main story mission.

Collect a Type T-Fuse Walkthrough

This will unlock a new set of objectives. You must obtain a blood sample from a Feral Ghoul, Molerat, and Wolf, as well as obtain a T-Type Fuse. Head out of the AVR Medical Center and open your mini map. You will see three small circles indicating where you can find the required enemies.

When you defeat them, walk up and press “collect blood sample”. Be careful of the wolves, as they are high level and travel in packs. If you are having trouble trying leading just one away or hopping into a nearby obstacle where they can’t reach you.

To obtain the T-Type Fuse you will have to head back north to a location called Greg’s Mine Supply. This location is northeast of Flatwoods. I recommend fast traveling to the Overseer’s Camp, crafting whatever supplies you need, then heading east toward the quest marker.

When you arrive at Greg’s Mine Supply you will discover the front door is locked. Head around back and enter the basement through the back door. Battle your way past some Scorched Wanderers and into the mine shaft underneath the building. Follow the trail and you will eventually find the objective: a small toolbox containing the T-Type Fuse.

After you grab the fuse you can head into the store and look around for loot. The keys are on the second floor, along with a safe. Once you are done looting this area fast travel or begin walking back to AVR Medical Center.

Continue quest: Analyze Blood Samples

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