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Fallout 76 – Final Exam Quest

Complete the Final Exam quest is a part of Into the Fire Main story mission. Complete the […]

Complete the Final Exam quest is a part of Into the Fire Main story mission.

Complete the Final Exam Walkthrough

After completing the physical exam, you still have to take the final exam – your task is to trigger an alarm in a dangerous mine. Go to the place marked on your map. Talk to a Protectron named Bernie. You’ll receive a Fire Breather Kit Ticket – use it on the nearby dispenser. You’ll get a firefighter outfit and a holotape – put the new clothes on and play it. You can now go to the mine. It’s located nearby and will be marked as the objective of the mission.

[su_note]Next to Bernie, you should find a Power Armor – if it’s not there, try to leave and re-enter the game to get to another server. In this quest, the Power Armor is very useful, because many opponents will be waiting for you in the middle of the mine.[/su_note]

Inside, you have to open the door using the terminal – it’s not secured, so just select the option to unlock the door. Go to the burning tunnel. Avoid the fire (when you touch it, you’ll receive damage) and follow the path. You’ll meet a lot of Scorched on the way.

In the place shown in the picture above, you have to start going down – use the nearby stairs. Of course, you can also search the upper area – you won’t find any special items there, but some can be useful for crafting.

Your goal is at the bottom. Head forward, but first, you have to deal with the horde of Scorched. After reaching your destination, regenerate your health – when the alarm starts, you’ll be attacked by another wave of enemies.

After defeating them, you have to decide how to come back outside:

  • Using the same path you got here.
  • Turning left next to the machine, where the alarm was triggered.

Regardless of how you get back, go to the Bernie again. Talk to him to finish the exam.

Completing the quest

Now, you can go back to the Charleston Fire Department. Go upstairs and use the computer. Move to the next room and press the marked button – that way you’ll finish Into the Fire quest. As a reward, you’ll get Stimpacks and a heavy metal piece of armor.

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