Fallout 76 – Physical Exam Quest

Physical Exam quest is a part of Into the Fire Main story mission.

Complete the Physical Exam Walkthrough

Now, your objective is to pass the physical exam. You have to run from point A to B and back. First, go to a point which is marked on your map. Use the computer and take the physical exam – you’ve got 3 minutes to complete it. Then, take the following steps:

  1. The time for preparation will appear next to the quest name (about 15 seconds). When the time is up, press the A button.
  2. Use the bridge next to the button, and then jump through the hole in the wall.
  3. Head towards the quest marker. You’ll quickly find an open field, probably with enemies. You can go around them or kill them. You’ll have enough time to get rid of them, and it’s better to do so because they can be a problem when you’re running.
  4. Reach the place with B button and press it.
  5. Finally, get back to the place where you started (with the A button) using the same way. After that, press the A button. If you finished in 3 minutes, you pass.

If you can’t pass because of the enemies, try killing them before starting the exam. If you quickly take the test after killing them, they shouldn’t be able to respawn.

Next is up: Complete the final exam

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