Fallout 76 – Obtain a Type-T Fuse

Obtain a Type-T Fuse quest is a part of An Ounce of Prevention Main story mission.

Obtain a Type-T Fuse Walkthrough

Getting the Type-T Fuse requires going back to the Flatswood area. Use fast travel or go on foot, if you want to explore. After reaching the marked point, go to the back of the house and find the stairs to the basement.

Downstairs, you’ll see a tunnel – use it and continue walking until you reach the room. After that, loot the wooden chest and you’ll find the Type-T Fuse.

Load the samples and install the Type T Fuse

After completing all the objectives, you can get back to AVR Medical Center and go down to the lab. It is very likely that the enemies have respawned, so you’ll probably fight them again.

In the lab, load the blood samples (on the computer’s left) and install the fuse (on the right). Next, use the computer and choose the option that allows you to analyze it.

Lastly, you have to use Simpto-Matic capsule (you can find it in the corner). Go to it and press the interaction button, your character will go inside and get the vaccine.

After you leave the capsule, you’ll end the An Ounce of Prevention quest. As a reward, you’ll receive curatives, ammo, caps, blueprint to make medicaments and a leather piece of armor. In addition, you’ll get a side mission in which you have to visit the Charleston Fire Department.

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