Fallout 76 – Flatwoods Quest

Flatwoods quest is a part of Fallout 76 First Contact Main story mission.

Flatwoods Walkthrough

  • Find this white church in Flatwoods.

You now have to go to Flatwoods, this small town is nearby. Leave the Overseer’s camp and go back on the main road. Head right – you will quickly reach the town. Find a white church – the building is near the exit from the town. It stands right next to the main road.

  • Another holotape awaits you in the church.

Enter the church and go left. Another Overseer’s Cache is standing near the wall. Inside, you will find the next holotape and a few other items. Take everything from the cache.

  • Go to the building with a “Volunteers Needed!” poster.

Leave the church (search it before you go – you can find a few useful items). Go to the opposite building. Use the computer and choose the option to volunteer. This completes First Contact quest.

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