Fallout 76 – Inoculation Project Walkthrough

Inoculation Project Walkthrough

In the lobby of the airport you will find a Responder Vendor Bot, so buy and sell any items you might need before continuing. Head past the security check and onto the second floor. Follow the quest marker down the long hallway, then enter the room on the right where you will find an Overseer’s Cache. This cacher will complete your current objective and give you a new one: learn about the Inoculation Project.

Leave the airport out the backdoor, then head slightly northeast towards the quarantine area. Fight off any Scorched Wanderers, then find the Medical Building right in front of the quarantine area’s gates. Head up to the second floor and use the Responder’s Laboratory Terminal to learn about the Inoculation Project and complete your current quest. You will immediately be given the next quest, An Ounce of Prevention.

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