X4 Foundations – Data Vault

Locations for All of the data vaults captured in screenshots. Other guides don’t have Screenshots which […]

Locations for All of the data vaults captured in screenshots. Other guides don’t have Screenshots which made vaults difficult to find.

Things to Remember

To open a data vault, get out of you ship and use your repair laser on the red panels to turn them green. Keeps doing this until you can shoot the data leak (Noisey Thing) with your laser.

  • When scanning for Vaults the results will appear as Purple.
  • The scan range is severly reduced for Purple Anomalies
  • Try to use Gates and Resource fields as points of reference, stations are built dynamically and could be in different positions, or may not even exist.
  • Space Rifts also appear as Purple blips, careful not to fly through them unprepared and end up deep in Xenon Space
  • When you get close, vaults will appear as a Small blue Tag on your radar
  • In the screen shots below, the location is at the white square, if its too small to see, click on the image to make it larger.

Data Vault Locations

Antigone Memorial

This one is out of the way a bit, Its just below the warf, but look at the resource field patterns if your warf is in a different area. Its at the bottom left. There is also rift near that green nav beacon on the left.

Hatikvahs Choice III

At there top of this sector there is a Gas Field, it right next to this.

Trinity Sanctum VII

At the top left of the sector in the Asteroid/Gas Field, there is also a Rift nearby.

Pious Mists XI

The asteroid field is an upside down Y, the vault is in the bottom right.

Ianamus Zura VII

In the bottom right asteroid field.

Scale Plate Green VII

Incredibly Difficult, exactly 400km from closest gate, out in the middle of nowhere with no points of reference, make sure you dont accidentally fly too high or too low to find it, and you need to fly through a fleet of xenon, dont attempt this one unless you hate yourself.
The art of Ecky Thump may prove useful here.

Black Hole Sun IV

In the Centre is a resource field with both Minerals and Gas, Almost directly south is the Vault.

Cardinals Redress

37km North of the inactive jump gate, a little lower than directly west from the gate to lasting vengence.

Silent Witness XI

This one is off to the right in the middle of No-where.

Heretics End

There are 2 inactive jump gates in this system, if you go to the left most one and then travel east 85km you should find the vault.

The Reach

This one is a bit harder to find, the asteroid field here is a large circle, in the lower part of this circle is where the vault is, fortunatly, there is a rift within scanning distance which can make it easier.

Grand Exchange I

Just below the South east gate in the Purple Gas Field.

Nopileos Fortune VI

This one is far down to the right near the station, the “?” you can see in the picture is a lock box.

Matrix 9

Above the gate there is an inactive gate, then only a short fly west for this vault.

Lasting Vengeance

This might be a bit hard to find if you stations are in different positions since there are no other points of reference, the vault is 308km from the gate.

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