Super Animal Royale – Survival Guide

A comprehensive guide to surviving in Super Animal World. Welcome to Super Animal World! A place […]

A comprehensive guide to surviving in Super Animal World.

Welcome to Super Animal World! A place where you can have fun with all your fluffy friends! And by fun, we mean a bloodbath with death waiting at every corner. Chances are you’ve already been shot, gassed, blown up, or probably even cut into sashimi. Don’t let it get you down, because with the help of this guide it’ll be them on the receiving end.


in case you haven’t seen this before

Obviously, you won’t last 2 minutes if you can’t move. Go run around like the free animal you are and get used to the controls. Once you’re sure you’ve gotten the hang of it, it’s time to get clever.

Prepare for Landing

Alright! You’ve gotten used to the controls, you’ve got your animal and you’ve hopped on the eagle, eager to start getting to work. As a sand hating man once said “This is where the fun begins”.

Your landing can make or break you. Because landing at the wrong spot can lead to death in less than 10 seconds. Since you’re here reading a guide on how to play better, it’s safe for me to assume that you don’t fare too well in a fire fight. If you’re not confident enough to stand on your own in an encounter, your best bet would be to land as far away from enemies possible and loot in peace.

Aim for this kind of scenario:

Away from the carnage, and looting at your own leisure.

Avoid this:

If I jumped now, I’d have to contend with everyone in a mad dash for weapons. Very risky, only crazy people would drop here.


  • Try to land directly on a weapon. In the off chance someone had the same idea as you, being directly on a weapon is less time unarmed than landing nearby and running to it.
  • Open your map and try to see where the Eagle will fly over. Weapons spawn in every named location. Plan accordingly.
  • If you fail to get any weapons, it’s a good time to start running. Closing in for melee is a good way to turn into swiss cheese.

Weapon of Choice

So you managed to survive your controled descent and got yourself a decent gun. But alas, you don’t know how it works! Don’t worry, animals don’t get guns everyday after all. But if you want to reach the top, you need to know how to use whatever tools you have at your disposal.

General Info

Guns can be found all over the map in numerous spawn locations or dropped from slain enemies. Each gun can be found with different tiers, Gray for Common, Green for Uncommmon, and Blue for Rare. The higher the tier, the better the performance.

There is also the Delivery Mole that drops crates containing Gold tier weapons. These weapons are the best the game can offer and in the right hands, can be a top threat.

Finally, every weapon uses a certain type of ammo. Several guns use the same type of ammo and thus use the same ammo pool. Reloading takes ammo from your total ammo stock and into your gun. In other words, if you have 90 ammo on you and you reload an empty rifle, you’ll have 30 in the gun and 60 in your reserves. If you pick up another rifle that has been fired (let’s say it has 24 ammo) then what you’ll have is 24 in the gun and 60 in your reserves. Did you get all that?

Now, Let’s get to the guns themselves now shall we?

Weapons are arranged according to ammo type

Small Bullets


  • Low Damage
  • Average Firerate (Semi-Auto)
  • Average Accuracy
  • Short to medium range
  • Not a very good weapon. This is probably going to be a weapon you’d get when everything else is already taken. Takes a bit of skill to take down anyone with a better gun.


  • Medium Damage
  • Slow Firerate
  • Good Accuracy
  • Medium to Long Range
  • A good weapon for picking off animals from a good distance. Think of it as a pocket sniper.


  • Low Damage
  • Fast Firerate
  • Average Accuracy
  • Short to Medium Range
  • A good backup weapon to have. The firerate on this gun can decimate close quarters and has some range to it.

Silenced Pistol

  • Low Damage
  • Fast Firerate (Semi-Auto)
  • Good Accuracy
  • Short to Medium Range
  • Gold Weapon, can drop from delivery crates
  • Suppressed, has a smaller noise radius
  • If you’re fast enough, you can take someone out without alerting your position to others. Though using this requires a bit of accuracy on your part.


  • Medium Damage
  • Fast Firerate
  • Who needs accuracy with this many bullets?
  • Short to Medium Range
  • Gold Weapon, only drops from delivery crates
  • Slows you down when firing, making you vulnerable to flanking and grenades
  • The feared and coveted Minigun. Good for holding down a position and asserting dominance.

Big Bullets


  • Medium Damage
  • Fast Firerate
  • Good Accuracy
  • Short to Long Range
  • The all reliable AK. The best gun to have on the go due to its versatility. Other guns can outperform it in close range though so be careful.


  • Medium Damage
  • Fast Firerate
  • Good Accuracy
  • Short to Long Range
  • Gold Weapon, only drops from delivery crates
  • Think of this as a better, deadlier version of the AK. It can also be a deadly partner for the Minigun.



  • High Damage
  • Average Firerate
  • Low Accuracy
  • Short Range
  • An absolute beast in close quarters. A point blank shot can instantly take out an animal in an instant if not leave them very badly wounded. Corners are a shotgun’s best friend while open fields are the enemy.


  • High Damage
  • Average Firerate
  • High Accuracy
  • Medium to Long Range
  • A bit tricky to use, but a well placed shot can cripple or even eliminate your target. Good for long range ambushes and retaliating against stationary targets (Minigun cough cough).



  • A good strategy is to throw it in the general direction of enemies. It’s a grenade, need I say more?


  • Bananas are a good tool to use for area denial. Stepping on one will cause the idiot victim to slip and become immobile for a few seconds. This makes them very vulnerable to attacks. Try not to slip on them, especially if you’re the one who put them in the first place.


Manage your ammo carefully. Running out of bullets in a fight is a death sentence.
Sometimes it’s better to pick up a new weapon than to reload your gun to save ammo.
Smash open crates or cut grass to find some extra ammo boxes.
Try to know at least the basics of how each gun works so you’ll know what to do if you get your hands on one or to react when your enemy has.

Engagement 101

You’ve gotten this far… In the heat of battle, every move you make counts. A single step can be the difference between life and a very dissapointing death.


In this game, bullets need to travel from point A to point B. Because of this, you need to lead your shots. What does this mean?

Aim where your target will be, instead of where they currently are.

Predict where your target will be, and then start raining lead. It’s going to make it hard for them to dodge and sometimes they’ll even run into it themselves by accident!


But what if the enemy shoots you? And I just told them how to aim! Not to worry! If you paid attention to the controls, you can press space to jump roll!

Jump rolling is a versatile skill for maneuvering offensively or to dodge bullets defensively. If you time your jumps consecutively, you’ll get a speed boost indicated by sparkles appearing.

With this, you can make a clean getaway when things don’t go your way or move quickly for a flank. Be careful though, when rolling you are not bulletproof. Rolling into bullets can get you killed without being able to shoot back. Try to think fast and assess the situation.

Oh yeah, and know when to cut your losses and RUN.


  • You don’t need to kill everyone you see. It’s not a contest to get the most kills. You only need to be the last animal standing.
  • Find your playstyle. Playing aggresively can net you with a surplus of supplies if you manage it. Playing passively will lessen your risk of biting the dust by avoiding threats. Maybe do a mix of both. Do the strategy that suits both you and the situation at paw.

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