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What is Capsa Capsa is an open world, exploration game which encourages cooperation among players and […]

What is Capsa

Capsa is an open world, exploration game which encourages cooperation among players and is a great place to hang out with friends. It is still Early Access and is currently an Alpha; so, it does have bugs, but it is constantly evolving, expanding, and improving. Capsa is being developed by two people on a shoe-string budget who love creating Capsa!

Currently, Capsa consists of 7 islands which span a large area and are filled with lots of hidden places, caves, tunnels, bunkers, and underwater caverns. An in-game map is planned on being added upon the basic completion of the islands.

Launching the Game

The main menu opens when you start the game. It will offer the choice between online multiplayer or single player, as well as access to game options.

Online Multiplayer

Capsa servers are primarily hosted by players and not official, so server connections and speeds will vary depending on the host. Vetron and I do host a server in England which can be seen in the picture below.

Once you make your choice, a spawn menu will open which will display both unlocked and locked areas which will become available as soon as you discover them in Capsa:

Once you have chosen your destination, the game will begin to load.

Due to the size of Capsa’s world it may take a little some time to load, please do be patient. The initial load is always somewhat slower than normal, but after that, Capsa loads quite a bit faster.

* note: SSD & m.2 drives load and run Capsa substantially faster than a HDD (a 5400 HDD will be very slow).

Moving Around

Basic movement is done via your keyboard or gamepad.
WASD: Moves your character,
Spacebar: jump,
Shift: while moving makes you run,
Control: while moving makes you walk,
F4: rewinds your character 3 seconds,
E: interact (get in vehicles, access locks on doors, etc…).

Camera Movement

The camera is controlled by your mouse.
G key: toggles automatic mouse capture,
V key: toggles first person view,
End key: makes the HUD invisible.

You can toggle walking and running, mouse capture, and first-person default settings in options which we will look at soon.

Day Cycle

Capsa has a complete day cycle that is set by each server admin. The default length of a full cycle is 240 minutes (please see “Chatting” section for further info on this topic).


Flashlights work at night and in caves (once you are deep enough into the cave the flashlight will light up), they do not work underwater.
Tab key: toggles the flashlight


When in water use WASD while pointing your camera where you want to go with your mouse.

For any questions regarding using a gamepad, please refer to Vetron’s Controller Setup Guide.


Local chat has a range of only 100 meters, roughly. Clicking on someone’s name in chat will whisper to them directly, which will be denoted by a pink font. Typing “/1” in chat will return you to the global chat.

Capsa also incorporates chat commands. For example, you can set a static time the time of day to 2pm by typing “/tod 1400” or simply by clicking on the sun icon on the side of the chat box. For a list of chat commands, please see Bash’s Guide

Menu & Options

Overview Menu

This menu can be opened using the button on the side of the chat menu or by pressing ESC


Graphics Tab: If your graphics settings are set too high for your computer specs vehicles will not work properly (and if your computer does NOT meet the minimum specs clearly outlined on the store page, Capsa won’t run properly). Ultra is designed for a bare minimum GTX 980 or equivalent. Cinematic settings are extremely resource heavy and experimental!

Sound Tab: In game sound volumes can be adjusted via this menu

Controls Tab: Key bindings can be set in this menu

Character Customization

You can access character customization options via the radial menu or using the 1 key. This menu allows you to customize your base character, your horse, or any of your vehicles when you are seated in them. Each customization menu has 8 available slots for saving your customizations.

Appearance Tab

The arrows at the bottom of the screen can be used to pan the camera around your character and the colour swatches can be quickly advanced by clicking on the last colour in the group.

Options Tab

In this menu, you can set your title, pet, and change the vehicles you wish to use for each type.

Vehicle Customization

When sitting in a vehicle you can access customization through the radial menu (press F). Vehicles can only be customized when sitting in them and have 8 slots per vehicle to save your customizations.

In game item drops and items achieved through picking the locks on locked containers provide engine parts you can pimp your ride with (these parts are delivered in the form of item drops and can be found in your Steam inventory):

Vehicle options include setting permissions and radio stations. Please see Buffy’s Media Guide for further information on how to play media in Capsa.

Home Customization

Claimable homes are found all throughout Capsa. If you can see the green spawn circle, the house is free to be claimed. Over time, the selection of homes will be expanded along with customization options.

Should you wish to return to the customization menu, you can do so when in proximity to your house by pressing “F” to open the radial menu and selecting “Home”:
Once claimed, the customization menu will appear offering you options you can use to customize your new house. Items attained through completing in game challenges, such as the pumpkin hunt at Kura, provide you with things you show off in your home.

House options include setting media to play, setting permissions for access to your house, and setting photos. Please see Buffy’s Media Guide for further information on how to play media in Capsa.

Finding Hidden Items

Items are hidden all throughout Capsa. There are currently 6 basic items per area (2 blue, 2 red, and 2 orange) and one locked box per area. Some items are very easy to find while others may prove to be extremely difficult.

Locked boxes and locked doors have to have their locks picked to open them. By pressing “E” when standing in front of the gate, door, or box a lock will appear on your screen that you can try to pick by turning your mouse while clicking either your right or left mouse button. Picks drop with each item drop and you can collect up to a maximum of 20 picks in your inventory.

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