Fallout 76 – Investigate Morgantown Airport Quest

Investigate Morgantown Airport quest is a part of Fallout 76 Final Departure Main story mission.

Investigate Morgantown Airport Walkthrough

  • You have to investigate the airport.

Start with investigating the airport – the quest marker will point you towards the entrance.

  • Go up the stairs and turn left.

Inside, you have to go right. You reach a staircase – go up and then turn left. The room is full of Scorched so be careful. However, these enemies aren’t that challenging – a machete or a simple pistol should be enough for them.

  • The cache with the holotape is upstairs.

The room on the left of the stairs has a cache with the holotape, add it to your inventory. The next part of the quest is to visit another part of the airport. Remember to explore the building you are currently in. It is roamed by multiple enemies – you will get a bit of XP, ammo, equipment or crafting materials.


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