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RDR2 – Beaver Location

Beaver Locations As you would expect, beavers can be found along various river banks near lakes […]

Beaver Locations

As you would expect, beavers can be found along various river banks near lakes or other bodies of water in Red Dead Redemption 2. There are a lot of rivers cutting through the map, though, so we’ve narrowed down some of the specific locations where beavers typically dwell in the game to help you get started. Here’s where to look for beavers in Red Dead Redemption 2:

  1. Along the Kamassa River in Roanoke on the east side of New Hanover, near Van Horn Trading Post.
  2. On the west banks of the Lannahechee River, on the southeast side of Lemoyne near Saint Denis.
  3. Along the Upper Montana River leading out of Lake Owanjila, west of Strawberry in the middle of West Elizabeth.
  4. Along the river that runs through Spider Gorge and into Lake Isabella on the northwest side of the map in Ambarino.

Where to find Beavers [All Locations]

While there aren’t a lot of locations to find Beavers, there are usually lots of them on site. It also helps that there tends to be more than one reason to be at each location, so it’s not a trip across the map just to get a single perfect Beaver hide.

Owanjila Dam Beaver

This is a fantastic lake to spend some time at. Not only can plenty of Beavers be found here, there is also a Legendary Smallmouth Bass to be caught.

Upper Montana River Beaver

Follow the river south of Owanjila Dam to the Upper Montana River and there is a location for plenty of Beavers. There’s other small game to hunt, so bring a Varmint Rifle.

North of Lake Isabella Beaver

Pack some warm clothes, because there is a Beaver location at the north end of Lake Isabella where the river connects. The Legendary White Bison can be found here, as can another Legendary Fish.

Southwest of Saint Denis Beaver

Probably the worst location for hunting Beavers is southwest of Saint Denis. Snakes and Alligators all over the place make this a dangerous place to ride a horse or walk around.

West of Van Horn Trading Post Beaver

West of the Van Horn Trading post, or south of the Elysian Pool where the Poisonous Trail Treasure Hunt quest concludes, is the location of both regular Beavers, and the Legendary Beaver.

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