Fallout 76 – Patriotism Training Quest

Patriotism Training Walkthrough

Walk out the east end of the main building, toward the bunker in the back. Inside there should be 3 rooms on your left and a terminal on your right. Interact with the terminal to begin your training course.

For this test, you are presented with 3 kids; Jimmy, Topher and JianJun. Your job is to inspect the room of each and interview them to figure out who may be a “budding Communist”. Select [Begin Course] and start to interview each child.

While each child may say they love America, Jimmy in the middle blue room (with the knocked over Manikin) seems a bit suspicious. An investigation of his terminal reveals it is locked by a key, To unlock Jimmy’s terminal, walk to the file cabinet in the east corner of the room, on top there will be a note titled “Jimmy’s Diary – May 2nd” .

Reading the note will reveal Jimmy’s Terminal password. Interact with Jimmy’s Terminal once again and read his logs inside. Reading the Log titled [Pop Was Coughing Again] reveals some very damning evidence against him. Tired of his father being worked, Jimmy tries to convince is friends to organize and strike. That is commie talk.

Return to the terminal you began this test and turn Jimmy in. Congratulations! You passed and can move on to your next Course.

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