Fallout 76 – Getting a Uniform Quest

Getting a Uniform Walkthrough

Interact with the Sergeant and he will inform you to suit up in your army fatigues to get ready for your training. If you have happened to come across some during your travels you’re in luck! Otherwise you will have to complete the optional quest to find a uniform Voucher. Head down stairs to the front desk and grab the Uniform Disbursement Log.

Reading the Log will reveal that a Pvt. Archibald was sent back to the barracks because he lost his fatigues and needed to receive a new uniform voucher at the barracks. Head over to the barracks on the south side of the camp. At the entrance to the barracks on the inside left of the doorway there will a first aid kit with a Uniform Voucher.

Grab this and take it back to the main building. Behind the front desk is a dispenser, interact with it to grab your uniform and helmet. Equip your new uniform and walk back to the Master Sergeant to present yourself.

Now it is time to complete each step of Basic Training

Continue quest: Patriotism Training

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