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Fallout 76 – Runner’s High Quest

Runner’s High is a the name of physical exam quest. This quest requires you to run […]

Runner’s High is a the name of physical exam quest. This quest requires you to run back and forth between two switches, named Point A and Point B, one time within 3 minutes.

Begin the quest through the terminal, wait 15 seconds, then press the Point A switch as soon as you hear the voice say the test has begun. Run forward across the bridge then follow the arrows towards Point B. You will need to cross a bridge into the next building, head up one floor, then leap back down to street level. Follow the arrows along the ground that will lead you to Point B right next to the Charleston Capitol Building.

You are likely to run into Feral Ghouls, Super Mutants, and Nascent Snallygasters along the way. Ignore them if you want, but it will probably make things easier if you just kill them and keep moving. Once you hit Point B keep following the arrows back to the Charleston Herald. Climb up the fire escape outside the building and return to Point A to complete the quest. If you fail on your first attempt don’t worry: you can try as many times as you like, and all of the enemies you’ve killed won’t respawn which makes things even easier.

Use the terminal once again and select “Initiate Final Exam” to get your next objective which is located near Belching Betty to the south. Fast travel or walk back to the fire station to scrap and sell whatever loot you have, then keep walking south toward the quest marker. You will have to walk past the Supermutant infested bar, The Rusty Pick. Either run past or engage with them for some extra loot and experience.

Once you reach Belching Betty head into the metal shack near the entrance and speak with the Protectron Bernie. he will give you a Fire Breather Kit Ticket, which you can use on the nearby Kit Dispenser to obtain a Fire Breather Helmet, Fire Breather Uniform, Anti-Scorched Training Pistol, and some 10mm Rounds.

The helmet protects you from the poor air quality, and the pistol does bonus damage to Scorched enemies, so equipping both is highly recommended. Once you are geared up it’s time to head into the Belching Betty and find the emergency beacon.

Belching Betty is a fairly straightforward area, packed with dozens of Scorched enemies in tight spaces. Head into the office directly to the left when you walk in and grab the Bobby Pins off the table. Search the other nearby rooms for any useful loot or ammo, then head past the gate and into the actual mine. The first half of the mine is a single path, guarded by various Scorched enemies. Many are equipped with melee weapons, so just sit back and pick them off with your training pistol.

When you reach the fork in the paths, I highly recommend following the right set of tracks. Both paths lead to the final room at the bottom of the mine, but the right path lets you enter from above rather than below, giving you high ground advantage over any Scorched enemies. Follow the path, kill the Scorched, and make your way to the bottom room containing the emergency beacon.

Clear out all of the Scorched in the final room, then make your way over to the emergency beacon. Loot the Fire Breather corpses on the ground, heal yourself, then press the button which will summon more Scorched enemies.

After the Scorched are dead you have two choices: head back up the way you came, or follow the alternate path back out of the mine. If you head down the alternate path you will find a small room containing a workbench, first aid kit, and a machine with a fusion core you can take.

Once you are done in the mine, head outside and speak to Bernie once more. He will congratulate you on completing the test and tell you to head back to the Charleston Fire Department to complete your registration. Warp or walk back to the station then find the Fire Breather Master Terminal on the second floor.

Register as a new Fire Breather, and check out the Schematics option for some free plans. Your final objective is to listen to the priority message. Head up to the Trading Post on the second floor and press the button marked by the quest marker to listen to Hank Madigan’s message and complete the quest.



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