Pokemon Let’s Go – A New Friend Walkthrough

Find Your New Friend

Head over to Professor Oak’s Lab, where you’ll find your rival waiting for you next to a table with two Pokéballs, however, the Professor is nowhere to be found.

You’ll find him to the north of town just beyond the first patch of grass. After speaking with some wild Pidgey, he acknowledges you behind him. Just as the two of you are about to head off to get your first Pokemon at his lab, a wild Pokemon (Eevee or Pikachu depending on your version) appears and attacks.

pallet town new friend 1

Oak takes the opportunity to allow you to practice capturing a Pokemon.

After capturing the Pokemon, the Poke ball begins bouncing behaving strangely and bounces away.

The two fo you head back to the lab, where your rival informs you that where there were two Poke balls on the table before now there are 3.

Head over to the table and select the jumping Poke ball containing the Pokemon you caught.

As you reach out to touch the Pokeball, your Pokemon emerges, uncontainable by the capturing device.

pallet town new friend 2

Your Pokemon is added to your party, and your Rival chooses the opposite Pokemon, be it an Eevee or Pikachu, of whatever Pokemon version you have.

As you go to leave, Oak gives you and your rival Pokedexes, a device that allows you to record all of your captures as you go out on your adventure.

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