Red Dead Redemption 2 – Investigate Three Crime Scenes Quest

Where The Crime Scene Is?

This task will not appear immediately in the hero’s diary and the game does not tell you where to go. You have to find and investigate 3 different crime scenes without any help. Information about the location of crime scenes and the required additional searches are provided below. You can visit the listed locations in any order.

The first crime scene is next to the estate of Braithwaite Manor, south of the town of Rhodes. It is a huge tree growing at a crossroads.

Walk around the tree and you’ll find the head cut and pierced with a piece of riddle left by the killer (Killer Clue Piece).

Note – You can also use Eagle’s Eyesight to locate the head – follow a stranger’s footsteps. This also applies to the other two fragments of the puzzle.

The second crime scene is located under the railway tracks, a short distance south of the town of Valentine.

Find a head nailed to one of the bridge supports (as before, help yourself with your eyesight if necessary) and get a new piece of the riddle (Killer Clue Piece).

The third crime scene is located a short distance south of Wallace Station railway station. It is located west of Valentine.

The cut off head with the last fragment of the riddle (Killer Clue Piece) lies on the neighboring smaller scale.

After completing all three fragments of the puzzle, you will automatically get a Pieced Together Map. You can view it from the inventory level.


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