Fallout 76 – Speak With MODUS in the Bunker Military Wing

Quest Rewards

  • Missile Silo State Holotape
  • Commendation
  • Enclave Officer Hat
  • Enclave Officer Uniform
  • RadAway x7

Speak With MODUS in the Bunker Military Wing Walkthrough

Return to the Whitespring Bunker and follow the signs within the Enclave HQ to the Military Wing.

Interact with the MODUS military wing terminal and he will congratulate you on managing to join the military and giving the Enclave a backdoor into the military commendation system. Modus than says he would love to give you the commendations needed to earn the rank of General and gain access to the 3 nuclear silos in Appalachia….but you will have to earn them first.

Once MODUS finishes speaking with you, head to the west end of the large command room in the Military wing to register with the promotion System. Once registered you will need to earn ten(10) Commendations to reach the level of General. The ways to earn commendations are:

  • Combat Commendation: For every Legendary Creature (1 or 2 star) you kill, you will gain 1 Commendation
  • High Risk Combat Commendation: For every Legendary Creature (3 Star) you kill, you will gain 2 Commendations
  • Bunker Support Extermination: Completing an Extermination Operation mission for the enclave and you will gain 2 commendations
  • Bunker Support PATROL: Complete Robot Patrol missions for the Enclave and gain 1 commendation for each
  • Bunker Support Resource Drop: Complete a resource drop mission for the enclave and earn 1 commendation for each

When you do enough activities to earn you 10 commendations, you will hear a broadcast come through your radio congratulating you on earning enough commendations to be promoted to the rank of General. MODUS will begin a transmission with you, instructing you to return to the Whitespring Bunker for your next important task.

Once he finishes speaking, Office on Deck will be completed and the Quest I am Become Death will begin.

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