Fallout 76 – Supply Drops How to Find?

Supply Drops are one of the newest features introduced to the Fallout universe in Fallout 76. They are filled with tons of valuable items and can be called in via the use of government supply acquisition drop requests.

Simply acquiring a request isn’t all you’ll have to do though, as there are a few more steps involved. Here is everything you need to know about how to get government supply drops and what they do in Fallout 76.

How to Get Them Supply Drops

The first step in getting a supply drop is finding the item called US Government Supply Requisition.

These acquisition drops can be found a number of different ways, all of which are accomplished via scavenging and hoping to find one at random.

We were able to find multiple forms by defeating and looting Ghouls and Scorched throughout Appalachia. One US Government Supply Requisition form was even found after we searched through a mailbox.

Once you pick up the form, a quest will pop up titled “Request Government Air Drop”. It will add a new marker onto your map and task you with fixing a relay tower terminal.

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  1. Peter Holderness-Roddam

    maybe a screenshot showing what it looks like when dropped, and any tips for finding it? I have combed the drop site and no sign of anything that looks remotely like a supply drop of any sort.

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