Fallout 76 – Testing Rose’s Syringer Quest

Testing Rose’s Syringer Quest is a first part of Fallout 76 Flavors of Mayhem

Quest Rewards

  1. (9) Syringer Ammo
  2. (5) Explosive Bait
  3. Sack Hood with Straps
  4. Stimpak
  5. RadAway
  6. Black Diamond

Testing Rose’s Syringer Walkthrough

For your first task, Rose wants you to upgrade and test her new Karma Syringer. She will give you the Syringer, as well as some of the required materials. Go to the nearest Weapons Bench (there is one in one of the shops on the second floor of Top of the World). You will need Psycho, Glowing Resin, and Firecracker Berry. Once you craft the gun Rose will offer up your next task: testing the new gun on a Yao Guai.

You can find a Yao Guai at a campsite north of the Monangah Power Plant. It will spawn in the middle of the camp, right next to the overlook. You must start by shooting the Yao Guai with the Karma Syringer, which will make it incredibly strong for one minute. You can either run away, or jump up on top of the nearby outhouses to avoid its attacks. Once the Karma drugs wear off the Yao Guai will become incredibly weak, and you can finally take it down.

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