Hitman 2 – FPS Boost

Hitman 2 FPS Boost and Best Performance In this case 7 FPS, it maybe not much […]

Hitman 2 FPS Boost and Best Performance

In this case 7 FPS, it maybe not much for most people but for some it could be what they needed to get playable framerates or push their FPS to 60+

High FPS and running the game on high settings!


Nvidia Control Panel Settings For FPS

Disable V-Sync ingame as we are going to use a different one from inside Nvidia’s own control panel.

Note: If you really want V-Sync on then please do that instead of Fast Sync in the following step.

Change the program settings for Hitman in the control panel.

  • Optimize for compute performance: On

Note: This game has a high demand on computing and CPU power rather than graphical.

  • Texture filtering – Quality: High performance

Note: You can set it on performance or balance… Just choose what works for you.

  • Threaded optimization: On

Note: Again! this game demands more computing power rather than graphical.

  • Vertical Sync: Fast

Note: You can set it on “on” if you really want to but fast actually works great.

Side Notes:

  • The game doesn’t allow you to change it’s AA from within the game options but you can force anything you like on or off in this menu also.
  • You can also set the power to high performance, which could help in some cases.

Storage and lag issues

This game has two safe modes. Auto save and normal save.

  • Turn off auto save!

It saves like every minute and causes alot of lags. It’s also an online only save which effectivly means that it communicates with the server to authenticate itself every single time, causing more delays and lags!

  • Turn off Steam Cloud for this game!

This one is optional but it makes sense because the game has huge save files which can amount to 50MB+. Now imagine it trying to loud and unloud them everytime you start the game.

It is very useful for people who want to save on unneeded uploads and downloads or want to free up some space or even the ones who are still using HDD.

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