Fallout 76 – Trapper’s Key Fragment Quest

Trapper’s Key Fragment quest is a part of Fallout 76 Key to the Past

Trapper’s Key Fragment Walkthrough

Next up is the Trapper’s Key Fragment, which you will need to visit multiple locations to obtain. Start by heading to the Trapper’s Camp marked on your map, south of the National Isolated Radio Array. Trapper’s Camp is not a Location, so you won’t be able to warp there and it can be hard to find. I recommend going south of the radio array without heading down the cliffs, then approaching the camp from the west side. This lets you avoid most of the traps set at the entrance.

Once inside the Trapper’s Camp grab whatever loot you want then follow the quest marker to the Trapper’s Note. This note will tell you to go to Huntersville, a town located west of the Trapper’s Camp. Either teleport to a nearby location or follow the road up the cliffs to reach the town.

The key is found on Walter Griswold’s corpse in the middle of town. Unfortunately the town is overrun with Super Mutants, so you will have to deal with them before you get your prize. Once you have killed all the Super Mutants and looted the town to your content, grab the Trapper’s Key Fragment off Walter’s body. But be careful, grabbing the key activates a time bomb, so run away as soon as you’ve got it.

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