Fallout 76 – Diehard’s Key Fragment Quest

Diehard’s Key Fragment quest is a part of Fallout 76 Key to the Past Diehard’s Key Fragment […]

Diehard’s Key Fragment quest is a part of Fallout 76 Key to the Past

Diehard’s Key Fragment Walkthrough

With the second key fragment in hand it is time to go after the Diehard’s, which again requires visiting multiple locations. Start by heading to Sunnytop Ski Lanes, far to the north of the ATLAS Observatory. To get there easily simply fast travel to the observatory then follow the train tracks north.

As usual the location is overrun with Scorched and possibly a few Ghouls and Radrats. Clear them out as you explore the buildings, and grab whatever loot you like. Follow the quest marker into a small room with a computer terminal. Grab Margie McClinktock’s Holotape and listen to it to learn more about the missing key fragment.

With that new information in mind, its time to follow the quest marker to the ground floor of one of the hotel buildings and find Vincent Fried’s Terminal. The terminal is located behind one oof the desks, and there is actually a chance for a Bobblehead to spawn underneath it so be sure to check the shelf. Inside the terminal select “Inbox” then “Admin Password“. This will tell you where to find the password, located at another location called the Palace of the Winding Path. The palace is a massive location full of loot, Super Mutants, and Scorched, so be sure to loot to your hearts desire (and use the benches in the basement to scrap).

Once you are done grabbing the goods, follow the quest marker to the librarians room and grab the password out of the secret compartment in his dresser. Take that password to the Holotape Duplication Terminal denoted by the quest marker, then select options Duplicate From Archives then Diehard’s Key Fragment to get the next piece of the key.

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