Fallout 76 – Gourmand’s Key Fragment Quest

Gourmand’s Key Fragment quest is a part of Fallout 76 Key to the Past Gourmand’s Key Fragment […]

Gourmand’s Key Fragment quest is a part of Fallout 76 Key to the Past

Gourmand’s Key Fragment Walkthrough

Your hunt for the Gourmand’s Key Fragment will start at Bolton Greens, a golf club located west of the Seneca Rocks Visitor Center. Deal with any Sorched that get in your way and head up to the bedroom on the third floor where you will find the Gourmand’s Note.

The Gourmand’s Note will direct you to the Wendigo Cave, located southeast of ATLAS Observatory. You will have to do battle with a powerful level 32 Progenitor Wendigo to get the key piece, so be sure to bring along plenty of stat boosting drugs (I recommend Med-X and Psychobuff), Stimpaks, and a good weapon for dealing with a fast moving enemy (If you have any friends playing the game this would be a good fight to take on as a group).

With all of that gear in tow, heal up and head into the cave. You will encounter Feral Ghouls near the entrance to the cave, and as you go deeper you will start to run into powerful Mirelurks. There is even a chance to encounter a powerful Mirelurk King, so I highly recommend doing your best to sneak past all of them on your way to the quest marker.

When you get close to the quest marker you will see a downward sloping path leading into a large open cave area with a small waterfall. Before you head down, use your Med-X, Psychobuff, and whatever other stat boosts you want. As soon as you walk into the cave the Progenitor Wendigo will come down and engage you in battle. Shotguns and other hipfire style weapons are good for this fight because the Wendigo moves so fast. Try to backpedal as you take potshots at him, and use VATS to get some free accuracy.

Once he is defeated loot the body to grab the Gourmands Key Fragment and move on to the next objective.

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