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Turret Plans Guide Budget Since Fallout 76 is multiplayer, Bethesda have implemented a couple of ways […]

Turret Plans Guide


Since Fallout 76 is multiplayer, Bethesda have implemented a couple of ways to keep the number of objects and items on each server down. One of these is the CAMP budget. There’s no quantifiable version of the budget, it is simply a bar visible in your HUD when you’re in building mode. The more objects you place, the further your budget will fill until you’re no longer able to place anything else down. The game doesn’t tell you which objects and building pieces cost more to your budget or how many more you can place till it fills up, you just have to keep an eye on it and work out when you’re going to hit the limit. Turrets seem to take up the most from what we can tell though.

Turrets, plenty of Turrets

Basic turrets in Fallout: 76 are pretty cheap, costing only one circuitry, two gear and two oil, and enough of them should be able to take down any intruder bold enough to attack a player’s C.A.M.P.

For players who are looking to turn their C.A.M.P into a place to regenerate health quickly, a healthy amount of turrets keeping an eye out can never hurt.

Don’t forget to eat

Players will want to keep a steady supply of food coming from their C.A.M.P. so they don’t have to eat whatever they scavenge from the wasteland. Mutfruit, corn, grain and blackberries are widely available to players just starting out and can be grown at C.A.M.P.

A cooking station is another must-have in order to produce HP-restoring food, but the good news is it’s relatively cheap to build, only requiring two wood and two steel.

Give Your Turrets High Ground

“It’s over, Feral Ghouls! We have the high ground!” is what your turrets would be shouting if they had the capability to express their thoughts and form words. Just like in Star Wars, high ground is key for your automated defences in Fallout 76 because otherwise, they’ll swiftly get swarmed and you’ll spend countless resources repairing your turrets after every attack. Instead, place your turrets on the roof of your home and let them go to town on all hostiles from a distance. Trust us, we learned this the hard way.

Build Against a Wall Where Possible

If you’re building on mountainous terrain or there’s just some high ground near you that enemies wouldn’t be able to get on top of like a fence, build against it. This way, you don’t need to spend resources on making the rear of your base look pretty because nobody is going to see it anyway. It also means that you have one less direction to be wary of if there are enemies nearby, and you can focus all of your turrets on the more open areas. Just make sure enemies can’t get on the high ground, otherwise they’ll jump onto your roof and the previous point about never having to repair your turrets becomes moot.

Pick The Necessary Perk Cards to Enrich Your CAMP

If you are putting effort into making your CAMP an attractive place to live, you’re going to want the right perk cards. Home Defence is a must; it enables the ability to build Heavy Machinegun Turrets which are considerably more powerful than the basic ones, then upgrading it further will unlock Missile and Shotgun Turrets. Contractor makes things you build in your CAMP cost 25% less with each increment, while Happy Camper and Homebody are both passive bonuses. The former makes hunger and thirst increase more slowly while you’re in your CAMP, while Homebody does the same but it heals your health.

The Whitespring Offers Free Protection

We mention this in our Fallout 76 CAMP beginner tips but it cannot be understated: if you want an almost completely safe place to live on the Fallout 76 map, head to the Whitespring. You’re able to build on the golf course that surrounds the enormous resort and it has a number of benefits. The land is very flat so you don’t have to worry about unforgiving terrain when you’re building, and it’s open so you can see any enemies that may have infiltrated the grounds. Most importantly, at certain spots around the perimeter, the Whitespring robots patrol for enemies. Our favourite place is on the western side, north of a small stone bridge. There’s almost always a Sentry Bot, Assaultron and a couple of Protectrons guarding a hole in the wall here and they will help fight off any enemies that get too close. Your turrets will hardly even be needed.

Questions and Answers

Q1.Different Turret Plan Locations?

A1: I think you know most of them if not all by default and only need the perks like home defense. I dont remember finding plans for any turret yet can craft them all. Check your build menu to see whether or not there is a padlock or a cross out on the turret icons. Cross out just means you dont have the mats or perks to build it.

Q2.Plans for better turrets?

A1: Vendors. Always go to vendors if you are looking for a plan. But if you really want one go to watoga( the cranberry place) and search around for a little bit. Very dangerous very rewarding.

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