Fallout 76 – White Spring

White Spring Bunker This stash is found inside of the white booth at one of the […]

White Spring Bunker

  1. This stash is found inside of the white booth at one of the numerous exits inside of a cubby.
  2. This stash is found inside of the booth near the Whitespring’s Bunker entrance. It is inside of an overturned garbage bin in proximity to the desk in the booth.
  3.  Over here by the service entrance to the resort lies two cap stashes. The first one is found inside of the booth and secondly, there is a van with the next stash and bobby pin box in the trunk however, take note that this truck has an explosive so disarm it first.
  4. The fourth cap stash is found on the front porch of a house. Specifically, it is found my a white overturned chair.
  5. ,The fifth one is found under a chair on the front porch.
  6. This is found inside of a two floored house near one of the property exits. It is found by the back door on a shelf.
  7. The stash is found inside of the booth by the exit behind the door.
  8. The next stash is inside of a house in the bathroom between the laundry hamper and the wall.
  9. It can be found inside on a shelf next to a door leading out to a side porch on the right of the house.
  10. This is inside of the Whitespring Golf Club however I do not recommend this stash because inside was a Wendingo and over a dozen feral ghouls. However, if you want XP or are crazy enough, it is found on the lower level inside of a bathroom. Specifically on the counter top with the sinks and mirrors. There is an additional one that was shared with me located on the lower level in a locker in the locker room.
  11. This is found on the house closest to the Greenbrier on the front porch.
  12. This is found behind the bell stand inside of the Greenbrier. Take note the door does have a level 3 lock and inside, the stash is found in a locker. On a side note, there is a level 3 locked wall safe that has some weapons. I found a flamethrower like weapon inside.
  13. This is found inside of Bespoke behind the register by the vendor.
  14. The final stash is found in Studio 58 behind the register by the vendor.
  15. There is a Whitesprings bus located here and inside on the floor infront of the first seat on the left is a stash. Also, a user shared with me another stash relative to this location. In a gazebo next to a chem cooler, there is a stash.
  16. Next up is at another booth, there are two in this area however the one with the double boom sticks will have a stash hidden away in a cubby in the desk.
  17. This is by the service entrance on the rooftop above the service entrance for the Whitespring’s bunker.
  18. The next stash is found on the side of the building near the service entrance. Here is a little pathway on the side of the building with a few tables. The stash is on the table next to a board game and duffel bag.
  19. This location is a bit difficult to find however it is right next to location #18 if you continue down the sidewalk. You should come across a little mini-put-put area and underneath a round white table with a lamp ontop next to the building should be a stash. It is located near a set of stairs outside.

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