Fap Queen – 100% Achievements Guide

Easy guide to get all achievements in Fap Queen

It will take an hour or few to get all the achievements. There is not one way to achieve some of them, but I included those that worked for me.

Fap Queen All Achievements

Accident Press

”Oops I came!”
You can do it right when you start the game and you see this option. Takes a few seconds to get the achievement.

One thousand.

Try to always edge and not skip any of Veronica’s punishments, for it will give all the necessary bonus ppoints in 1 walkthrough. Otherwise if you skip something, it will take longer for the achievement to pop.
* This is not an achievment that can be missed, as long as you just keep playing.


Ask for ”Mercy!” to make Veronica appear. When she appears, press ”Skip punishment!”. Repeat the process a few times, until you get the achievement.


Choose ”Let me finish!” and duration of ”20 minutes”.
Edge whenever the queen asks you to.
* Eventually you will be given a choice between the queen and Veronica. Choose the queen!

That might hurt a little…

You can do it in 2 ways:

a) Choose the following: ”Let me finish!”; ”by finishing” and duration of ”10 minutes”.
Always edge whenever asked.
The 1st time the queen allows you to finish / release yourself, press ”Let me finish!”. After that press ”I came…” (you have 1-2 minutes to click that).
* Do it in under 20 minutes!

b) Eventually you will be given a choice between the queen and Veronica if you go for 20 minutes. Choose Veronica!

Hundred Strikes

Make Succubus (Veronica) hit you a 100 times. For this keep asking for ”Mercy!” and choose duration of ”10 minutes”. On 3rd encounter with Veronica, you will get it. Make sure you don’t edge or do other things while going for this achievement.


Choose ”by denial”, then set time for ”10 minutes”. Always edge and dont skip punishments.

Promise and deliver!

Click on ”By denial…” and choose duraion of ”20 minutes”. Make sure you follow all the objectives (Edge whenever asked to and don’t skip Veronica’s punishments)

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