Post Scriptum – Logistic Guide

Everything You have to know to play as the logistics leader. Basic Tasks Follow these 3 […]

Everything You have to know to play as the logistics leader.

Basic Tasks

Follow these 3 basic rules always:

1. Use your microphone! This is essential for any kind of squadleader.

2. Listen to your Platoon Commander! If he tells you to do something, do it, or at tell him, why you can’t or won’t follow his orders.

3. Always keep the construction trucks safe! Without a construcion truck you are useless.

On attack your job is to:

1. Build FOBs (Forward Operation Base) so your team can spawn! You can to this as the squad leader by having a more than half full construction truck nearby and pressing T. From here you choose Buildings (Top right) and then the FOB.

2. Build Repair stations! This is essential to the armored section to repair themselfes close to the front.

3. Build mortars! Ask the other squadleaders or the commander where they need mortar support and support your infantry. Using the “PS mortar calculator” App or an online variant is recommended for maximum efficiency. Don’t forget that you get 1-2 free mortars close to each FOB you build. So use them!

On defense your job is to:

1. Build fortifications! Go to the objective that is goig to get attacked next and use sandbags, barbed wire, stationary machine guns, barricades and hedgehogs to make your team’s job of defending easier. Try never to have direct contact with the enemy because of basic rule #3.

Never forget: It’s impossible to be “done fortifying”. There is always something you can improve!

2. Place ammo crates for your team! Do this on every main objective you come by. Your team will thank you.


G – Command channel
B – Squad channel
T – Marker / Building
F – Enter / Leave Truck / Flip / Refill on main base
E – Start engine

The rest should be intuitive.

Basic Tactics and Tips

1. Always have the two trucks refilling in oppsite cycles, so you always have one on the objective to build with.

2. Use a mix of barricades and sandbags so the cover varies in hight. This is essential for good cover.

3. Build your FOBs in covered positions like forests or barns.

4. Always place machineguns in barricades for covered sides.

5. Build the free stuff you can build around FOBs.

6. Never let an emty truck stay on the building site. Get a squad member to refill it ASAP.

7. Ask the other squadleaders what they need.

8. Don’t forget that your mortars have smoke-shells. These are often more effective at supporting your team than HE-shells.

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