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Far Cry 6 Amigos Boom Boom Unlock

Welcome to our Far Cry 6 The Amigos Boom Boom Unlock guide. This guide will show you Yara’s companion returning from Far Cry 5, which has returned with a new name and opened in the Valle de Oro region.

Far Cry 6 The Amigos Boom Boom Unlock

How to Unlock Boom Boom

Unlocking Boom Boom requires completing a Side Quest that only becomes available after completing the “Meet Maximas Matanzas” Operation in Valle de Oro. Like with Chorizo and Chicharron, a note left in the local Guerilla Base gives a clue on where to start.

Luckily, you only need to complete one Mission to unlock Boom Boom.

  • Boom or Bust

Everything you Need to Know About Boom Boom

Amigos Boom Boom Unlock
Amigos Boom Boom Unlock

Here’s what you need to know about Boom Boom:

  • Boom boom is a Stealth Amigo, although his skills and abilities means he fills more of a scouting role.
  • His main ability is retrieving Resources for the bodies of slain enemies
  • Unlike Chorizo, Boom Boom’s size means that he can make rudimentary attacks on enemies, however this should not be relied on.

Boom Boom can be upgraded with three Abilities after reaching certain milestones:

  • Pointer – Boom Boom can mark the locations of enemy troops and animals. Unlocked after collecting Resources from 10 dead bodies.
  • Expert Tracker – Boom Boom can tag enemies and animals from further away. Unlocked after tagging 24 enemies.
  • Thick Coat – Boom Boom can take more damage. Unlocked after tagging 50 enemies.

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