Farming Simulator 17 – Creating And Connecting Fields

Creating And Connecting Fields

Each lot in the game can be seriously expanded – use it for a better start. You can also create your own fields from scratch. They don’t receive a new number, their size is practically unlimited (the size, landscape, and obstacles being the only limitations), but you can use them as any other field. Your employees can take care of such a field. You can also connect two lots (that were separated by a road, for example) to create one bigger.

A simple plough is enough to activate / expand a lot. However, you need to activate terrain modifying; otherwise it will only work on already created fields. Remember to remove all obstacles on the road leading to the new field, primarily trees and tree trunks. It doesn’t have to be expensive – you can buy a chainsaw, cut the tree into equal parts, and manually move them out of the area. Removing a tree trunk calls for a more specialistic equipment (cost – 5 200$, needs to be connected to a tractor).

Your new field should be even – it eliminates the possibility for the worker to get stuck or do his work incorrectly. You can use a roller (Lizard R 5000 – 4 900$) – it can be found in the store’s Misc. category. Now you need to attach it to a tractor, lower it, and the field is automatically leveled.

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