Farming Simulator 19 – How To Sell Vehicles?

Selling vehicles, machinery and yields in Farming Simulator 19 works in the same way as it did in the previous games. You can do that in two ways:

  • Behind a shop you can find a zone where you can sell, repair and modify vehicles. Move any of your vehicles/machinery on the yellow circle. This opens the menu where you can, i.e. sell. This is the only way to sell excessive goods. Here, you can return vehicles that you were leasing, repair vehicles at a lower price and modify them (provided that you aren’t leasing it – this option will be unavailable). You will also get more money from selling vehicles/machinery than the second option…

  • Selling vehicles/machinery remotely – open the shop menu and press Backspace (Y on XONE, Triangle on PS4). This opens the menu where you can see all your equipment. Choose any of them and sell, but you will get -20% less money. This window also allows you to check leased items – these vehicles/machinery can be returned without any loss.
  • Tip 1: selling equipment at a shop gives you 20% more money than by selling it remotely. This is very important for bigger sums.
  • Tip 2: teleport a vehicle / machinery to the shop and then move it to the selling zone. If you plan on selling a seeder, remember to sell unused seeds / fertilizer before you sell this machinery.

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