Farming Simulator 19 – Animal List

In Farming Simulator 19 there are five species of animals that you can breed, these are: pigs, chicken, sheep, cows and a new species: horses.

In the shop you will get bales of hay, straw or silage as well as mixed feeds.

You can start breeding animals as soon as you start the game. Farming Simulator 19 makes it easier to fulfill the needs of animals – in the Store you can buy:

  • bales of hay, straw or silage,
  • mixed feedingstuffs for pigs,
  • sacks of oats and wheat.

Before starting each husbandry you have to buy a place (animal pen) where you will keep it. Each pen has two dimensions, and you can place any number of pens on the map. Remember, however, that the maintenance fee is charged daily, even if you do not keep animals in them.

In the following chapters we present a detailed description of each animal: how to feed them, what they produce and whether it is profitable.

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