Farming Simulator 19 – How to Make Concrete

How to Make Concrete First off it’s kinda expensive, so i’d recommend doing this when you […]

How to Make Concrete

First off it’s kinda expensive, so i’d recommend doing this when you got some cash to spare.
Second thing is it requires placing some/many placeables.
Try out the place you want to try this on, in a new game just to be sure it’s possible, and to get a “feel” of how the terrain is behaving.
It also works in multiplayer since the process only require the basic game.

If you find out you don’t want the concrete anymore, the terrain can’t terraform to its previous “untouched/natural” look.
However it’s still possible to plow down and cultivate on it again, just be aware the land might have some hickups here and there.

The Drum to delete fields will not be able to restore the land to the natural height/level.


The first step is making sure the land you want to change is, as flat it can get.

Here’s some of the problems i’ve run into:

Placing placeables on sloped terrain can be quite expensive.


Placing on slopes might not allways be possible. Sheds can be quite tricky on sloped terrain too.


Using the “Easy Shed 3” from the placeables tab in the shop menu, but you can use pretty much any placeable you want too, but i found the others a little harder to place and make it look great.

Time For Concrete

Find the right spot for you and get ready to start pouring the “concrete.”

Make sure before placing another shed, to delete the first one (can be a little ticky to place when allready a shed is nearby.)


After that it’s just repeat the process.


When you’re finally getting to know how the terrain acts, you can make some wonderful looking plots and really get to decorate the farm, and make it just a little more special.

Some Fields is really flat and allows you to make some nice big plots for your needs.

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