Farming Simulator 19 – Biogas Plant How to Use?

Purchase Biogas Plant

Biogas Plant allows you to:

  • Sell slurry, manure and silage,
  • Get digestate by selling silage,
  • Have access to large silos with high capacity where you can process silage and sell it on the spot.

After purchasing a Biogas Plant, you will be able to sell silage, fill up silos and collect digestate.

Unlike in the previous games, a Biogas Plant isn’t “neutral”. It won’t start functioning until you purchase it. You need to buy a parcel with a Biogas Plant before you can use it. You receive money from selling goods in a Biogas Plant at midnight.

  • To use a silo in an owned Biogas Plant, fill it with grass, hay or chaff, tamp and cover. Wait about 24 hours.

  • Collect digestate from the protruding pipe located near one of the larger tanks near a silo.
  • To sell silage, unload it into the tank in front of silos. Use a front loader to move silage into the tall tank – you will receive the money at midnight.

4 thoughts on “Farming Simulator 19 – Biogas Plant How to Use?”

  1. Zdravím, mám problém se siláží.Plazstation 4 verzia
    Posekanou trávu jsem navezl do silážních jam, uválcoval, přikryl, prostě vše co je třeba. Když bylo 100% část jsem odkryl a začal odebírat a ke konci už se mi neodkryla poslední část siláže. Zůstává přikrytá a nic s ní nejde, tudiž je celá jáma nepoužitelná…. nejde tam ani navozit další novou posekanou trávu.
    Nevěděl by někdo, co s tím?

  2. @Phil

    For PC. Buy the land that the biogas plant is standing on. Whilst ingame hit “Esc” and go to the meny to the left (the map). Hit “X” to activate buy and sell of land and whit you mouse cursor click on the land that the biogas plant is placed on. You will the be directed by the game to be able to buy the land that the bioplant is standing on. Biogas plants are expensive usaly between 300k-500k so remember to manage your budget.

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