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Collecting Crops and Resources Automatically

A belt system consists of four machines that cooperate with each other. However, not all of them are necessary for the belt system to work.

Belt system is for collecting crops and resources automatically from the ground. Thanks to this system, you won’t have to keep everything in expensive silos (especially when you are at the beginning of the game); some goods like potatoes, beets, woodchips or straw can’t be stored in a silo.

Even the first component of a belt system allows you to pick up goods from the ground and load them on trailers.

To use a belt system, purchase its first component – Lizard S-710. Place the machine next to a pile of goods or on top of it. Now, enter the machine (you can’t switch to it when you are switching between vehicles). The belt can move forward and backward – this allows you to adjust its position. Activate the belt. A working belt will load up the first part of goods.

In theory, you can use only this component. However, it is too short to fill up even the lowest trailer…

Belt System Extensions

You can choose from two machines: Grimme SL 80-22 Quantum and TC 80-16. The first machine is necessary – it serves as an extension to the first component, and it has a loader that can stand at an angle. This allows you to fill up any semi-trailer. The second machine is optional – it works as a vertical extension for your belt system.

Place Grimme SL 80-22 Quantum next to the first component. Enter the machine, place it next to the first component and attach them together. Adjust the height and activate the system – the belt system will automatically load goods when you place a semi-trailer beneath the belt.

Grimme RH 24-60 is an additional component for your belt system. This machine is for loading up potatoes and beets into boxes placed on pallets. Put vegetables on the belt. Remember to make space for another pallet after you fill up the current one.

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