FIFA 20 Volta Guide

Play 3v3, 4v4, and 5v5 games both offline and online in FIFA’s brand-new street football mode. […]

Play 3v3, 4v4, and 5v5 games both offline and online in FIFA’s brand-new street football mode. This page includes FIFA 20 VOLTA tips for winning matches in modes such as Kick Off, VOLTA Tour, and VOLTA League.

What Is FIFA 20 VOLTA?

VOLTA is a new, small-sided mode in FIFA 20 which allows you to play street and indoor football. And it’s huge – VOLTA includes 17 unique locations, extensive customization options, and a variety of modes for you to get involved with.

The four VOLTA modes in FIFA 20 are as follows:

  • VOLTA Kick Off allows you to play with any real-world team of your choosing across all match types, including House Rules such as Survival and No Rules.
  • VOLTA Story is a narrative-driven mode which focuses on your created character in their attempt to reach the VOLTA World Championships in Buenos Aires. We’ll have a full walkthrough for this mode very soon.
  • VOLTA Tour allows you to play tournaments and events against offline versions of user-created teams. In the process, you can upgrade your player and recruit new team members for your squad.
  • VOLTA League is the online component of VOLTA, and functions similarly to FIFA 20’s Seasons mode, challenging you to earn enough points to rise through the divisions.

All of these modes include the ability to play 3v3, 4v4, and 5v5 games. Some of these are split into Rush formats, in which there’s no dedicated goalkeeper, while 5v5 features a Futsal variant, allowing you to play indoor games with specific rules.

FIFA 20 VOLTA Gameplay Tips

Keep It Simple To Win Games

VOLTA brings back memories of the FIFA Street games of old, which prioritised flashy tricks and over-the-top goals. But this isn’t FIFA Street — it’s a more grounded take on the small-sided game, and as such, you need to play a more realistic style of football to succeed.

You can still perform amazing skill moves by holding the right and left triggers while moving your player, but they’re not as important as they used to be. Instead, focus on simply doing the basics — passing into space and playing intelligent defense — and you’ll find yourself winning plenty of games.

Use The Walls To Your Advantage

In matches where walls are present, you can make use of them in highly creative ways. Try passing off the wall to bypass defenders, for example, or simply launch the ball off it to make an important clearance.

The walls are a great way of fooling online players in VOLTA League, who usually anticipate more direct passes. Try bouncing the ball off the nearest wall to confuse the opposition, and you may just lure them into a poorly-timed tackle, leading to a goalscoring opportunity.

Work On Your Shooting Accuracy

While FIFA 20’s 11v11 gameplay typically offers plenty of assistance with shooting, the same can’t be said of VOLTA. To score goals, you’ll need to master its unique manual style of taking shots.

This means shooting is less about power, and more about your accuracy with the left-stick. You need to aim in the exact direction you intend to shoot, or the ball will miss the goal entirely.

If you need practice, try switching FIFA 20’s shot assistance controls to Manual or Semi. Get used to aiming your shots more accurately, and you’ll find yourself scoring more goals in VOLTA as a result.

Avoid Rushing Out Of Position

As there are so few players on each team in VOLTA, managing their positioning is key. Dragging players out of position often leads to clear-cut opportunities, and therefore plenty of conceded goals.

This is particularly important when playing with Rush keepers, as you always need someone protecting the net. The best way to monitor your players’ positioning is to identify team tactics ahead of each match, and take note of which position each player is playing.

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