Five Nights at Freddy’s – How to Beat Nights?

How to Beat Nights? Some of the best ways to beat a FNAF night! On either […]

How to Beat Nights?

Some of the best ways to beat a FNAF night!

On either side of you, you will see two buttons. One says “door” and the other says “light.” Both are highly important, as the Door button closes the door on that button’s side.

For example, the left “Door” button closes the left door, and the right “Door” button closes the right door. Same with the lights. The lights are important because they allow you to see right outside your doors, somewhere you can’t see on the cameras. They only activate the light temporarily, however, so you can’t leave them on.

I already mentioned the final (and most useful) tool in the game, the camera system. This can be accessed by moving your mouse to the bottom of the screen, in the center. This is also how you put away the monitor. The monitor is highly important, as it allows you to see the animatronics’ location. More on them in a minute.

All of these actions drain an additional bar of power, which can be seen on the bottom left of your screen. The more bars are present, the faster you run out of power. And you do NOT want that. No power means no doors, lights or cameras. So, you want to use them as sparingly as possible.

The goal of the game is to survive five nights, from 12 AM to 6 AM, without getting killed. That last part goes without saying. There is a bonus sixth night and custom night, but more on that later.

Stars of the Show

Our animatronic roster consists of four main animatronics. There is a fifth, but he’s really rare.

Freddy Fazbear

  • He’s the head of the band, lead singer and, surprisingly, the one that attacks the least out of the primary four animatronics. He tends to stick to the shadows, and you can only see his eyes, which glow silver in the darkness. If you run out of power, he’s coming for you. Every time, without fail, unless another animatronic gets you first. So, don’t run out of power. He can attack with the power on, but very rarely does this happen.

Bonnie the Bunny

  • As the guitar-wielding bunny plays on stage during the day, he’s pretty cranky at night. He’s actually the first active animatronic on Night One. He always goes for the door to your left, the “West Hall”. The only way to stop him is to close that door when he gets there. You can slow his progress a bit if you watch him on the cameras, but that’s a waste of time, as you can hear when he changes position. Besides, you would waste too much power and time trying to slow him down as opposed to just stopping him outright.

Chica the Chicken

  • Well, she’s the… Cupcake-player in the band? I don’t know what she’s doing onstage with the other two, but she is. She always takes the path on the right, just like Bonnie takes the left. Same strategy to fend her off: slam the door in her face.

Foxy the Pirate Fox

  • He’s a little bit… lonely. He’s not on the main stage, but rather in Pirate’s Cove. He also loves attention, so if you don’t check on him every so often, he’ll get angry, and run down the left hall to kill you. Talk about an attention seeker. The best way to prevent his attack is to look at the camera labelled “C1” as this is Pirate’s Cove. Don’t check on him too often, though. If you do, he’ll come at you anyway. If he runs down the hall, you have only seconds to close the left door before he gets you. Even if you slam the door on him, though, he doesn’t leave empty handed. He can actually drain a portion of your power. So, check in on him from time to time.

There is one more animatronic, though he’s pretty rare, unless you know how to summon him.

Golden Freddy

  • This is literally a version of Freddy that appears crumpled on the office floor, right in front of you, and there is only one way to block his attack. Flip up the camera QUICK. If he jumpscares you, it crashes your game. He can appear two ways that I’ve confirmed, and one way that I haven’t tested. The two confirmed ways are:

Clicking the nose of the Freddy poster in the office too many times.
Repeatedly looking at the Freddy poster in the West Hall Corner until it becomes a mangled Freddy, then Golden Freddy, then flip down the monitor. He’ll be there.

The unconfirmed way, which could be fake or real, is:
On night 5, close both doors until the power reaches 87%. Then view the disabled Kitchen Camera. It should be active, and you should see Golden Freddy for a split second before he appears in the office.

So, how can you beat these monstrosities? I’m glad you asked.

Tips and Tricks

For starters, you’ll want a way to better manage your power. So, start by putting the camera on Pirate’s Cove, and don’t change it. That way, you can check on Foxy really quickly, and you won’t have to worry about tracking the others. For defending against the other animatronics, listen for their movements. every time you hear a shuffle, check your door lights. If there’s an animatronic, SLAM IT SHUT!

The lights can also be deactivated early if you click the button again. This way, you can still see if anything is there, but you won’t have to wait the additional 2 seconds, which still drains your power, even though it’s useless. You can take a quick look by turning the light on and back off.

Make ABSOLUTELY sure you keep tabs on Foxy. Also take into account that he will steal your power if he reaches the office.

So, say you are at 5 AM, almost done with the night, and the power goes out. Initally, you would start thinking, “Oh, no…,” but Freddy may actually save you. Here’s how: When Freddy comes to kill you after you run out of power, he doesn’t do it immediately. He plays his music box first. Why is this relevant? Because time is still passing in game. You can hit 6 AM in the middle of his song, and you’ll still win. Crazy, right? If you are almost out of power near the end of the night, and you don’t know what to do, try closing both doors until the power runs out, and hope that Freddy is too slow.

As far as Bonnie and Chica go, they will stay right outside the office for a good while. And that drains your power QUITE a bit. So, instead of sitting there briefly checking lights, if they appear (ONLY IF THEY APPEAR), shut the door, then hit the light. Don’t turn the light off, let it run for the full duration. This will make them disappear faster. In the long run, it drains less power.

Now as if FIVE nights weren’t enough…

Sixth Bonus Night

You must have decided that overtime pay is more important than your life, because you’re back again. On this night, everything is harder than Night 5. One wrong click, and it’s over. You have to rely on audio clues to pass the night, rather than searching for each individual animatronic. Keep the camera on Foxy, and listen for the others. That’s the best way to do it.

If you manage to pass the night, you’ll be rewarded with…

Bonus Night Seven (Custom Night)

This is a night where you can set any animatronic to any difficulty, ranging from 1 to 20. One is extremely inactive, and 20 is extremely active. There is in fact Golden Freddy, but you can’t change his difficulty. If you set all the animatronics to 20, well, I hope you’ve written your will and got your affairs in order, because you will die. There is a strategy, but you have to be on point, and never miss a beat. It goes as follows:

  • Check Left door light.
  • Close left door.
  • Check right door light.
  • Check on Foxy.
  • Open left door.
  • repeat

If you see an animatronic, you have to close the door. Do everything as fast as possible, so as to avoid another animatronic from getting you in that split second window.

Things to Watch Out For

First, it is worth mentioning that if Bonnie or Chica has been at your door for too long, they will disable your door controls. Then, it’s game over.

Also, you may notice that the pizzaria’s decorations change. In the halls, the Rules poster can be replaced with news clippings (Dark stories), and the news clippings with pictures of crying children.

Every now and then, the words “It’s Me” will appear in random locations. There are many different theories about why this is. For more info as to the story, I will make another guide based on theories of the different events. Look for it later.

During the course of the game, the Kitchen camera is inactive. However, you can still hear audio from it, and you will occasionally hear pots and pans banging in there. Sounds like someone’s cooking…

Occasionally, you can look at the Backstage camera, and find that everything is watching the camera. All the empty masks, and even the Endoskeleton are facing the camera. They can’t move or attack, but there is more to these than meets the eye.

Note: After all that hard, dangerous, life-threatening, and low-paying work, they fire you. Why is that? For two reasons: Odor, and tampering with the animatronics. Like they didn’t tamper with you…


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