FlipWitch – Forbidden Sex Hex: Summoning Stone Locations (3/3)

Our FlipWitch guide reveals all three Summoning Stones' locations. Players struggling with the 2nd and 3rd stones can now easily find them.

In our guide for FlipWitch – Forbidden Sex Hex, we shared the locations of the three Summoning Stones available in the game. Many players mentioned that they were having trouble finding the second and third Summoning Stones. Thanks to this guide, you can see the locations of all three summoning stones on the map.

Locations of Three Summoning Stones in the Map

We have visually shared the locations of the Summoning Stones under the following headings, in order. You can obtain the summoning stone by reaching the marked point in the image from within the game.

1st Summoning Stone

2nd Summoning Stone

3th Summoning Stone

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  1. I have the first and third stones, the second one doesn’t appear in the marked place, does something have to be completed for it to be activated?

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