Spirittea Walkthrough and Guide

Guide spirits in a town of troubles with the Spirittea Walkthrough! Find the right path to help them relax and move forward in this informative guide.

You’re the only one who can see those spirits in this town full of troublesome spirits. Which way should you follow to help them relax and move forward in the game. There is information in this Spirittea Walkthrough guide that will help you!

Spirittea Walkthrough and Comprehensive Guide

Embark on an enchanting journey through Spirittea’s captivating story and gameplay with this Spirittea Walkthrough and Comprehensive guide.

Character Creation

  • Initial Steps: Initiate your Spirittea adventure by starting a new game.
  • Town and Character Customization: Choose the name of your hometown and personalize your character’s appearance and name. These decisions play a crucial role in immersing you into the rich world of Spirittea.
  • First Arrival in Town: The initial story segment is linear, guiding players through their first day in town with limited choices.

Engaging with the Town’s Residents

  • Meet the Townsfolk: Connect with all 27 unique characters in town, including two animals, to integrate seamlessly into the community.
  • Guidance from a Dog Named Jon: Utilize Jon, a friendly dog, to locate any characters you may have missed. He serves as a helpful guide in navigating the extensive social aspect of the game.

Discovering the Spirittea

  • The Ritual of Tea Making: Following initial interactions in town, embark on the journey of preparing Spirittea. Collect tea leaves from a neighbor and brew them in your teapot at home.
  • Unlocking the Main Story: Brewing the Spirittea is a pivotal moment, revealing the deeper, mystical elements of the game and guiding you to the abandoned bathhouse, a central location in the game’s narrative.

The Quest for Spirits in Sweet Places

  • Seeking Spirits: Spirits will guide you to find more of their kind in places filled with sweets.
  • Exploration and Spirit Vision: Utilize your Spirit Vision at the local convenience store to unveil hidden spirits, capturing them to add to the bathhouse’s spiritual collection.

Managing the Bathhouse

  • Day-to-Day Operations: Return to the bathhouse after discovering a couple of spirits to stoke the fires and open it for the spirits. This becomes a primary source of income and gameplay mechanics.
  • Earning and Progression: Initially challenging, running the bathhouse soon develops a rewarding rhythm, crucial for increasing your spirituality, perceiving more spirits in the town, and advancing the storyline.

Assisting Moby with His Spirit Dilemma

  • Investigation and Discovery: Visit Moby in his apartment to investigate unusual plant growth. Utilize your Spirit Vision to uncover a large spirit inhabiting his bath.
  • Guiding the Spirit to the Bathhouse: Once discovered, persuade the spirit to relocate to the bathhouse, aligning with your role as a bridge between the spiritual and physical realms.

Bathhouse Expansion and Repair

  • Accommodating More Spirits: Progress through the story to expand the bathhouse, accommodating the increasing number of spirits.
  • Economic Management: Operate the bathhouse efficiently to accumulate at least 2,500 Coins, essential for repairs and upgrades.
  • Consulting Fae for Upgrades: Seek out Fae, a key character near the bathhouse, for all repair and upgrade needs.

Utilizing the Town Board for Clues

  • Exploring New Leads: Regularly check the Town Board, a crucial source for tips on finding new spirits and understanding the problems of the townsfolk.
  • A Hub for Side Quests and Story Progression: The board acts as a central hub for side quests, providing hints and directions for furthering the main story and uncovering the mysteries of Spirittea.

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