FNaF Help Wanted 2: Walkthrough Guide 100%

For guidance on advancing in FNaF Help Wanted 2 and achieving both endings, consult our walkthrough guide.

If you need information on how to advance the game or get both endings in FNaF Help Wanted 2, check out our guide.

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FNaF Help Wanted 2 Walkthrough

This guide contains a full story walkthrough, including how to get both endings!

Main Story

As you play, gift boxes will appear on the stage in front of you. Open them to collect FazForce action figures of Freddy, Bonnie, Foxy, Chica, Golden Freddy and the Puppet. Place these figures on the display to your left.

Play any minigames you want until you get a Fazwrench as a prize. It will appear on the table next to you on your left.

Use it to pass the conduit puzzle on the right side of the main hub to open the door to an old Princess Quest ARcade machine and a MXES signal jammer (the things from Ruin that prevent you from either putting the mask on or taking it off).

After disabling the signal jammer, you can take off your VANNI mask to get access to the ‘hard mode’ levels. Keep playing to collect more FazForce action figures!

Once you have collected all six FazForce figures, they will disappear. After a short delay, a large gift box appears on the stage containing the combined FazForce action figure. After opening the box, the main ending cinematic will play.

Congratulations! You beat the main story!

Secret Ending

To get the secret ending, you must first collect 6 “memory plushies” hidden in various levels. To be able to do this, you at least need to have:

  • Hard mode unlocked
  • The minigames required for each plushie unlocked: FizzyFaz Night 3, Fazerblast: FNAF3, Capt. Foxy’s Log Ride, Fazbear Theater, Office: Puppet Master, and Bonk a’ Bon: Bonus Round.

After completing a minigame that has a plushie hidden inside, a new ‘Vanny graffiti’ will appear somewhere in the main hub. Mystic Hippo will also always tell you where this graffiti is upon loading back into the hub after completing said minigame. You can use this information to figure out how to get each plushie, but if you’re stuck, they are all listed below. You do not need to fully complete a level to collect a plush.

Memory Plushies

Golden Freddy

  • Location: Fizzy Faz Night 3
  • Vanny Graffiti Clue: A graveyard with a crossed out power icon and a Sodaroni picture, in the back left corner by the gumball machines.
  • Retrieval Method: In real life, a “graveyard” is one of many nicknames given to mixing every or many soda flavors together. Add the Sodaroni found in a can on the desk to the mixing cup, then add one of every ingredient. Hit the lockdown button on your right, then send the order while in a lockdown to get the plushie.


  • Location: Fazerblast: FNAF3
  • Vanny Graffiti Clue: A rocket being attacked by 2 Nightmarionne tentacles in front of the main stage.
  • Retrieval Method: Play the first three Fazerblast levels and shoot the rockets with a laser that appear in all three. The only one that’s not hard to miss is the one in Fazerblast: Western, as it moves fast hidden behind the train. After shooting all three rockets, play Fazerblast: FNAF 2. While playing, you will need to ‘defeat’ ALL the animatronics that can appear. These animatronics are Toy Freddy, Withered Foxy, Mangle, Balloon Boy, Toy Chica, Toy Bonnie, and Withered Bonnie. Foxy appears on CAM08, Toy Freddy appears on CAM10. The rest appear in the vent cams. To ‘defeat’ them, if they appear on a vent cam, you will need to shoot a laser at the vent light, then pop their balloons with the dart gun. When you see Withered Foxy or Toy Freddy on the cams, STOP, and let the cams lower by itself to show the office. Then if it’s Foxy, shoot a laser on the main office light to reveal him so you can throw balls at him. You only need to hit him once with a ball to count as defeating him. If it’s Toy Freddy, shoot a laser at the mask on the office desk to put it on; this defeats him.

If you did it all correctly, everything shooting the rockets did in other levels will start a chain reaction, lighting the whole stage on fire. This unlocks Fazerblast: FNAF 3. Completing this level awards you the Freddy plushie.


  • Location: Capt. Foxy’s Log Ride
  • Vanny Graffiti Clue: Helpy with four blue stars on the ceiling above Mystic Hippo.
  • Retrieval Method: Find and shoot four of these blue stars while on the log ride. The first three are found in the three alternate routes that you need to shoot the Helpy cutouts for. The first star is on a banner above you when you go through the area with many opening windows. The second star is again above you, in between the two doorways jack-o-moon comes out of. The third star is on the right on the floor near the end of the final alternate route. The last star is in the cake at the very end of the ride.


  • Location: Fazbear Theater
  • Vanny Graffiti Clue: A trash can filled with four Chica heads on the left wall of the kitchen
  • behind you in the hub.
  • Retrieval Method: Put all four Chica-themed items into the trashcan on the floor. These items are: Lemon Chica Bar, Chica Chowder, Chica Chug, and the Chica Chugee.


  • Location: Office: Puppet Master
  • Vanny Graffiti Clue: Ballora on the door to the backstage area to the left of the stage.
  • Retrieval Method: In Puppet Master, the drawer on your left that is usually locked is unlocked and contains a keypad. Type in 1983 (the same as in the original Sister Location, which showed you the FNAF4 house on the monitors) and you should receive the plush.


  • Location: Bonk a’ Bon: Bonus Round
  • Vanny Graffiti Clue: “TILT” “BONK-A-BON” written backwards on side of a arcade cabinet on the right side of the hub.
  • Retrieval Method: Survive until the bonus round. When the Glitchtrap puppet appears from one of the holes, bonk it to activate the tilt alarm. Then, plug the code written on the note in BACKWARDS.

Completing the Ending

Now that you have all the memory plushies, a glitched token will appear in front of Mystic Hippo. Taking it to the Princess Quest machine will allow you to play it.

After playing through PQ and jumping down the hole you unlock, the ‘Princess’ will be in the same room as you. Walk up to yourself and attack. This will load ‘Princess Quest (VR). Pick up the sword and follow the linear path until you reach a graveyard.

Light all the fires in front of the graves to open the way forward. If you want the secret Bonnie mask and “Lost Luggage” achievement, you need to light the graves in order according to how many dots they have, from 0 to 5. This can be figured out with logic and the process of elimination, but if you are stuck, the order is Chica, Foxy, Freddy, Bonnie, Golden Freddy, Puppet.

Talk to Old Man Consequences and continue into the Sister Location elevator. Give the Glitchtrap plush to moon and the secret ending cinematic will play.

Congratulations! You beat the secret ending!

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